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SHINNERZ are fast becoming a standard part of the top team's kit for this season.

Shinnerz are fantastic as they are worn under socks when playing hockey. Comfort is paramount and Shinnerz are ideal for players of all ages and abilities.

The funky designs are great for boys and girls and I would recommend them to all Hockey players.

Pauline Stott
Former GB Hockey Captain, Sydney Olympics

Shinnerz are a shin tube / inner-socks to wear under your shin pad. They help prevent the shin guard rubbing and chaffing your leg by providing an under layer which cushions your leg while wicking away the moisture formed between your leg and the shin pad.

Professional attention to detail is maintained throughout the manufacturing process using a high quality breathable fabric finished with abrasive resistant thread, providing you with an additional protection layer for your shins. Shinnerz inner-socks have a stirrup, are easy to put on, provide a great fit and they don't change your shoe size.

Shinnerz are suitable for both astro and field players, for training and match days - for you and your team.

  • Stop rubbing
  • Stop sweat rash on legs
  • Stop chaffing
  • Prevent friction
  • Add warmth and cushioning
  • Smarten 'socks-down' players
  • Advertising / personalisation

SHINNERZ shin tube, inner socks can be customised for sponsorship, clubs, university and school teams. Bespoke Shinnerz are made using a professional dye-sublimation process enabling permanent full colourprints anywhere on a Shinnerz. All designs, logos, writing, colours, can be detailed and the image won't wear out because the sublimation ink actually dyes the design into the fabric.

Shinnerz unisex multi-functional sports accessory range are fun, comfortable, practical and cool. Sports enthusiasts wear Shinnerz, the ideal inner-sock for multiple sports and activities that require shin protection (hockey and football) or simply as an underlayer for warmth and smartening up 'socks down' players. Athletes can enjoy the many benefits such as comfort, style and protection against irritating skin conditions - the inner sock deliver a level of comfort relief for those who do suffer from shin guard related allergies.

The Shinnerz vibrant colours and unique style suit every personality on the field - designed for male and female hockey and football players of all ages (junior players, youth teams, club and league players, seniors and International squad players) - with funky fun designs and the option to personalise too - ensuring player protection and no more lost kit in the changing room. Before you order, please check your size on the size chart.


The personalisation of Shinnerz offers unlimited artwork potential - graphics and text can be positioned anywhere, allowing for totally unique designs. This means that whether you want an all-over design, team crest or club logo or name, it can be positioned exactly where you want for the best impact or effect. Create the most unique, practical present for your sporty friend, team or family member - it will be one to remember!
Look through our selection of patterns and find the best present, or design your own!


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Shin liner close to shin
perfect fit moisture wicking sock
shin pad on top of shinnerz
put on football or hockey sock
Roll up hockey or football sock
hold the shinnerz

Player Reviews

Black / Green PRO Adult

Excellent quality - great product.

Black PRO Medium

Irritated and inflamed shins from shin guards have caused my son so much misery. We tried prescribed creams , cotton bandages, extra socks, you name it. Shinnerz were given to him as a prize for most valuable player at a tournament - they were pink and i was not sure if he would wear them - but they have been sent from heaven, he will not play without them now and owns several pairs. I truly cannot believe the difference - no more shin rash. This is this months favourite colour way - he loves the fact that you keep bringing out more designs and wants to be your trailblazer ... perhaps you should sponsor him!! :-)

Go Wild! Adult

These are so cool - the eyes are really bight - wild!! Everyone loves them.

Chevron Medium

My daughter had awful dermatitis from wearing football shin pads and I would highly recommend Shinnerz to anyone with allergies or sensitive skin, as the layer between her calf and the shin pad seems to stop any reoccurrence of the awful rashes. We had tried many remedies - but these really work. They are a fun piece of kit too!

Electric Pink Adult

My daughter has a rubber allergy but these inner socks seem to protect her ankles from the dermatitis. Yes!! They dry so quickly and are very comfortable. Highly recommend.

Electric Pink rash guard Axlong

I have very sensitive skin and for years constantly have a rash until the season is over. Recently I have worn these rash guards and to my amazement, now have no rash at all! I highly recommend and wish I had found them sooner. Did take 14 days to arrive in USA - but well worth the wait.

Black / Pink PRO Adult ex long

Really like these hockey inners - the colour is amazing and so soft, like silk. Think I will wear them to run in as well.

Green PRO adult

Wicked company love the range of colours and fabulous designs - do a great job of keeping shin pad stink away too :-)

Chevron - 'Go faster' shin pad liner

Anything to make me 'go faster' hahaha

Black Extra Small

Actually not sure how my two other children managed without these. They are inspired and work so well. Very quick to arrive.

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Shinnerz prevent shin guards rubbing and chafing by providing an underlayer worn next to the skin which cushions your leg while wicking away any moisture tapped between your skin and the shin pad. Shinliners are worn under football / hockey socks.


Professional attention to detail is maintained throughout the manufacturing process using a high quality breathable speciality sports fabric finished with abrasive resistant thread. Not only are they comfortable but fast drying and machine washable.


Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or be part of a team. Shinnerz are available to players of all ages in a variety of funky fun designs or can even be personalized! The opportunities are endless!


shin rash
Happy Shinnerz football player

Shinnerz - an 'under layer' shin tube / inner sock can turn distracted play caused by irritating rubbing and chaffing into focused play.

shin guard inner sock

Shinnerz are designed to be worn underneath shin pads allowing your club/school socks to be worn on the outside - yet smartening up the issue of 'socks down' as your branding / logo can be positioned anywhere on the Shinnerz to maximize coverage and neaten players appearance.

shin guard inner sock

Shinnerz limited editions, ensure that your shin guard liners remain unique, one off designs can be printed for teams or players on tour - becoming part of your customised sports wear for every event, every club in every country - suitable for amateur and professional teams kit. Shinnerz are proud to be designed, manufactured and printed in the UK, and we are delighted to post out to players in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and throughout Europe. Country specific flag designs are available.

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Customised sports wear
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