LIMITED EDITION  -  cream and blue   We have been very lucky to have the last UK supply of this special fabric, that makes a beautiful, light, airy and comfortable mask. 

Anti Bacterial Face Mask Face Mask - Washable & Reusable -  Made in UK.

These masks have been expertly and carefully made by our amazing manufacturer in UK - they are made in a professional factory and steamed prior to packing - one mask per sealed plastic bag.

Masks are the result of many hours of research and we hope is the best design they could create. The sides of our face mask contour your face and provides coverage under the eyes and over the chin so the mask does not ride upwards and obscure your sight. 

This special mask is made from a quilted blend of cotton and bamboo offering exceptional filtration. The inner layer is microfiber, treated with a special antimicrobial Silver ion treatment. This lasts a lifetime and restricts bacteria growth in the fabric that causes unpleasant odours caused by sweating. This keeps the mask fresh and pleasant to wear.  However, the main benefit is that  99.9% of all bacteria is killed during the wash cycle, even at low temperature - for this reason the treatment is widely used in medical garments.

The sides of our face mask contour your face and provides coverage under the eyes and over the chin so the mask does not ride upwards and obscure your sight. This style is more insulated due to the extra coverage.

We will try to be within this but Please Allow 1- 2 days for Despatch


  • Outside filter layer of a quilted bamboo cotton blend. Inside one layer of microfiber treated with antimicrobial Silver ions to restrict bacteria growth when worn and kill 99.9% of bacteria during every wash cycle.
  • Light, airy and comfortable to wear.
  • Straps are made from 3mm cord elastic as used on NHS masks and are light, strong and comfortable.
  • Each strap is approx 32cm long (untied). They are packed UNTIED so you can adjust to fit your face. 
  • Can be worn with glasses.
  • This mask does not have a nose wire.
  • Female model is wearing size medium   

Wearing a mask is one way to be careful, along with social distancing and washing our hands.

These masks are not medical masks.

Wearing a face mask helps:

1) By blocking at least 50% of airborne droplets from being inhaled.

2) By stopping the wearer from touching their own mouths and noses.

3) Protects other people from you.

4) Keeping medical masks available for the people who really need them.

If you are a care home, hospice, or similar business and are interested in having these masks for a volume discount please 

contact us  direct.  

-Hand wash in warm water using a soap or detergent and then rinse out thoroughly in fresh clean water. If you prefer to machine wash then keep the temperature to a maximum of 40 degrees C and use a good detergent.

- DO NOT wash without tightly knotting the elastic straps.

- Reshape the mask after washing and before drying, this stops shrinkage.

- DO NOT wring or twist to dry. Ideally hang it and allow it to drip dry naturally. Can be tumble dried on a medium setting.

- Iron at a low temperature if required, but don't iron the elastic.

- Cleaning your mask won’t change a thing if you don’t store it properly. Once you have a clean mask, put it in a closed plastic container or a new plastic bag by itself.

This not a medical mask and does not contain filters.  If you require a medical grade mask or a mask with filters DO NOT buy this mask. We make NO CLAIMS that these masks will protect you from Coronavirus (COVID19). DO NOT put this mask onto children under 2 years old.

LIMITED EDITION Anti Bacterial Filter Face Mask - Washable & Reusable.

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