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Specialist personalised Christmas present or birthday gift

Sports socks for under shin pads. 'Must have gift' - the best most original present this Christmas!

Shinnerz, the fabulous shin tube/inner socks make a great, original gift for absolutely anyone sport-minded, whether male or female, adult or a child.

And aside from the protection and comfort they offer, they look absolutely great!

  • Personalised Christmas or birthday gift
  • Bespoke and unique
  • The most original present
  • Logo, favourite picture, name
  • Photograph, Club logo, family crest
  • Christmas present
  • Birthday gift

The great thing about the personalisation of Shinnerz is that the artwork - that is the printing - can be positioned anywhere. This means that whether you want a specialised, all-over design, single crest or logo, it can be positioned exactly where you want for the best impact or effect.

The colours produced by the process we use are guaranteed to be vibrant and stay-fast, so the design is limited only by your imagination.

Just think of giving a unique gift that no one else has and the impact the wearer will make on the playing field! We all know what it is like to have something that no one else has and how great it makes us feel!

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Remember that some people suffer allergic reaction to some componants of shin guards, from irritation casued by heat and friction, others from sweat rash, eczema or prickly heat ... there are numerous sensitive skin issues.

Keeping the skin clean is paramount - wear Shinnerz under your shin pads and wash them each time you play. They are easily washed and dry quickly.

Bespoke personalised presents for sports men and women.