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Football Shin liners - Wearing Shin Pads Has Never Been Easier

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Football comfort.

If you haven't discovered Football Shinnerz yet then you really aren't fully kitted out. The Shinnerz inner sock is fast becoming a widely recognised essential football kit accessory which delivers multiple benefits such as comfort, style, protection against irritating skin conditions and versatility.

It doesn't matter at what level you play football, your football kit will always be central to your game and something close to your heart. Usually your kit, will be prescribed for you by the team you play for, however there are other mandatory items or accessories which as a football player you'll find you have some choice in. Whether you play for fun, at Junior level, a Sunday League or even professionally in one of the FA Divisions, the only regulation item of safety wear that you will need to make your own mind up on, are your choice of Shin Pads.

Don't Kick off without Shinnerz in your Kitbag

custom made shin cushion

Shin pads come in all shapes, sizes, and vastly differing quality. So when you are buying your new shin pads at the start of or at any time during a season, what are your main criteria for choosing the right shin guard? The options are endless and with so many different brands of shin pads available from as little as £2 or £3 a pair up to £40, just exactly where do you start?

Start with Shinnerz! Why? Because after you have added Shinnerz to your kit, not only will shin pads you'd never dreamed of considering before suddenly become an option for you,(including better quality ones), but our versatile inner socks will help you to solve any number of those classic "How To Wear Shin Pads?" issues which many jobbing footballers get to wrestle with year in year out. So what are some of the common shin pad conundrums Shinnerz can help you with? If you are able to answer "yes" to just one of the questions below then you should seriously consider adding a pair of Shinnerz to your kitbag today:

  • Do you suffer from chaffing either from the shin pad or shin ties?
  • Does wearing Shin Pads give you a skin or sweat rash?
  • Do you normally suffer from prickly heat?
  • Do you suffer from eczema or any other skin condition?
  • Are you allergic to certain materials used by some shin pad manufacturers?
  • Do you feel restricted and over-heated by wearing shin-pads with a shintube?
  • Do you cut-off football socks in preference to using ties tape or a shin tube?
  • Do you go through 2 or 3 pairs of shin pads a season because they eventually fall apart through constant absorption of sweat & moisture?

Players told to cut out cut-off Football socks.

There have been several High Profile Cases of Heath Robinson style solutions for wearing Shin pads in the name of better comfort or performance . If like Christiano Ronaldo you have taken to cutting off your football socks and taping them together with same colour tennis socks in order to get better traction for the foot in the boot, then you may find this expensive in the long run! Two standard football socks with one cut-off is definitely not the best or cheapest method to keep your shin pads in place.

Shinnerz on the other hand offer a real solution to all of your shin-pad wearing issues. Not only will Shinnerz help guard against Shin Rash, Sweat Rash and chaffing from ties or tape, but they'll also preserve the quality of your shin pads so that they will last you much longer into the season. No matter how you like to wear your shin-pads, check out our infographic of how Football Shinnerz can easily be worn with nearly every type of shin pad known to football!.

This year Shinnerz are sponsoring some up and coming young talent. Dean Waldron, right sided player for Aston Villas Under 16's squad will be kept in Shinnerz for the season and Shinnerz will be following his progress throughout the year. We'll be reporting from time to time on how Dean has got on wearing Shinnerz with his shin-pads and how he and the rest of the squad have faired in their Youth Football Campaigns, so keep your eyes open for more updates.. All of the team at Shinnerz wish you a successful season Dean and hope you enjoy wearing our Shinnerz!

SHINNERZ are fast becoming a standard part of the top team's kit for this season.

Dean Waldron of Aston Villa U16's is trying out Shinnerz this season.

Shinnerz are great, I have always suffered from the velcro ties on my shin pads rubbing against my leg, but Shinnerz have stopped that. No more sore shins!

Dean Waldron, Aston Villa football club U16's

Shin liner close to shin
perfect fit moisture wicking sock
shin pad on top of shinnerz
put on footballsock
Roll up football sock
hold the shinnerz


Football Shinnerz made in the UK
Happy Shinnerz boy
perfect fit Shin liner close to shin
custom made shin liner

Even more ways to wear shin-pads with Shinnerz

If you have always worn Shin-pads and kept them in position with tape or a shin tube because standard Velcro ties chaffed or rubbed your leg, then wearing Shinnerz will mean that you can now consider a whole new spectrum of shin guards.

Shinnerz can be worn with almost any type of shin pad and and not only are they proven to protect you from irritation caused by tape or ties, they are made in the UK from specially developed material which wicks away the moisture and sweat between your leg and shin pad thus preserving your shin pad in a healthy state as well as your leg.. game after game!

There are numerous irritating conditions which can be caused by shin pads when used directly in contact with your skin, (shin guard rash) so to prevent these from ever becoming a problem for you and spoiling your enjoyment of the game, get your hands on a pair of Football Shinnerz today.

Save on Kit Costs when you buy a pair of Football Shinnerz

Customised Shinnerz are made in the UK and fabricated from a specifically selected material for sport: cycling, running, skating, dance, sailing, skiing - cross-country skiing, mountaineering and swimwear - both for fashion and competition. Made in Italy, this two-way stretch fabric is characterised by its soft finish, perfect fit and pilling resistant properties. Whilst you may find other similar products on the market, beware of imitations and lower grade inner socks. We have painstakingly researched the blend of materials used in the manufacture of Shinnerz and have supplied many sportsmen and women who recommend our inner socks above all others. A single pair of Shinnerz can not only protect your shins against various medical conditions, but they can also save you the cost of two or even three replacement pairs of shin pads every season. Why wear Shinnerz?