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Prevent shin rash / shin pad dermatitis

Shin pad dermatitis
- caused by wearing football shin pads.

shin rash

Shin Pad Dermatitus
My son started to get an irritation on his shins after player long periods of football. He sometimes had his shin pads on for a few hours at a time, the rash started to become itchy, so as a concerned parent, I tried to correct the problem by using off the shelf creams to help cure the problem. I even tried using bandages or a second sock, but the material just caused further problems and irritation.

After a game one hot Sunday, the rash became very sore, itchy and was spreading from his ankle to just under his knee!

We rushed him to the doctor, on the Monday who was amazed this has been caused by his football shin pads!

Steroid cream and bandages for three weeks and no football was the only way to allow things to heel.

Frustrating, upsetting and disturbing, I never wanted this to happen again, so I surfed the internet for information. I found, that 'Shin Pad Rash' (skin dermatitis) was a very common complaint, especially for young footballers and hockey players. Pictures and forums suggested that it was far more common than I first thought. I looked for an aid that would stop this happening again, and after trekking around every sports shop in the South East of England without any success, I turned to the internet and I came across a company based in Scotland. The only company that produce a product that helps prevent 'Shin Pad Rash'.

I spoke to and explained my son's problem, they were really helpful and happy to help, so I ordered a pair of shinnerz aged 8-12 to see how they go. (after all I had nothing to lose.)

My son wore them for his first training session back, and found that not only were they extremely comfortable, but they even helped with the rash. After taking them off after his training session and examining both shins, there seemed to be no evidence of redness or soreness at all, in fact they looked better!! I was very pleased for my son as he was becoming dejected and depressed being unable to play. Now he has a large smile back on his face and he now makes sure his shinnerz are the first thing packed in his kit bag!!

Thank you to everyone at I will strongly recommend you!!

Matt Thompson

prevent shin guard rash

If you have suffered from shin pad problems - we would like to hear from you. Please tell us your story:
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NO more rash decissions...

Some people suffer allergic reaction to some componants of shin guards, from irritation casued by heat and friction, others from sweat rash, eczema or prickly heat ... there are numerous sensitive skin issues.
Keeping the skin clean is paramount - wear Shinnerz under your shin pads and wash them each time you play. They are easily washed and dry quickly.